Ivanka Trump’s role in the administration has always been a confusing one. Currently an “assistant to the president,” she has her own office in the White House and security clearance, but appears to spend most of her time trying to put a better face on Trump’s administration – primarily by being an apologist for Trump when it comes to his problematic history with women.

It was in her role as an apologist for her father that she was recently humiliated while giving a speech in Tokyo at the World Assembly for Women. Speaking on women’s empowerment and sexual harassment, she was greeted by a venue that was largely empty, and even those that attended did not seem overjoyed to hear the First Daughter speak. Via The Guardian:

‘…the Guardian arrived at the hall 10 minutes before the event began and witnessed no long lines of people waiting to get in. Another attendee who entered as the doors were closing said just a handful of people were milling around outside.

‘Earlier this year, she was greeted with boos and hisses at the W20 summit in Berlin when, appearing on a panel with the German chancellor Angela Merkel, she referred to her father as a “tremendous champion of supporting families”.

‘On Friday in Tokyo, speaking in a reference to an avalanche of allegations of sexual harassment in the entertainment and political worlds, she said: “All too often our workplace culture fails to treat women with appropriate respect.

‘“This takes many forms, including harassment, which can never be tolerated.”’

Here’s the video of the half-empty hall, as well as some of Ivanka’s remarks:

“Which can never be tolerated.”

Unless, of course, your father is the president, in which case you actively defend him. Donald Trump has been accused of violently forcing his wife to have sex with him, has been sued for rape, and has 16 different women claiming he has assaulted or harassed them. The White House, of course, says they’re all liars. Imagine that.

Yet while Trump is denying the accounts of the individual women accusing him of harassment, his own words show that he’s probably lying – and that he’s almost certainly harassed and assaulted women before. In case you’ve forgotten, in the leaked Hollywood Access tapes, Trump quite candidly admitted a penchant for sexual assault:
That is what Trump thinks about women.

So it’s really no surprise that nobody wanted to sit and hear Ivanka Trump blather on about sexual harassment and women’s empowerment. If Ivanka wants to do something for women, she can start right at home with her dad. Maybe get him to resign, or if that’s too much, just get him to disavow his own comments. In another world, he’d actually face justice for his actions and words, but that’s asking far too much.

Ivanka immediately faced a firestorm (and jokes at her expense) on Twitter:

Ivanka herself even tried to put a more positive spin on it, but her attempt was quickly shut down:

Yes, the above quote in the embedded meme is a real one. Not only that, but not even Ivanka is safe from Donald Trump’s predatory remarks – on multiple occasions, he has even sexualized his own daughter. If Ivanka really wanted to stand up for women, she’d quit standing up for Trump.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images