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Earlier this year, conservatives attempted to silence late-night host Stephen Colbert by taking legal action, and they failed miserably.  Several late-night hosts choose to leave politics out of the discussion, but Colbert elects to use his Daily Show roots to burn Trump every chance he gets.

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Trump recently interviewed with Fox News for the 14th time as president, and Fox News’ Lou Dobbs might as well have gotten down on his knees and worshiped Trump.

The president knowingly sets up these ego stroke fests with Fox News, while he calls all other major media outlets “Fake News.”  Colbert slammed Trump HARD:

“Dobbs was pleasuring Trump so vigorously that Mike Pence asked ‘mother’ to change the channel.”

Colbert referred to the interview as a “full-blown rubdown.”  Colbert then aired a video reel of all the wonderful things Dobbs had to say about the president.  Dobbs told Trump, “The country owes you a great debt on so much.”

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Trump replied, “That’s very interesting, it’s well put, it’s true.”

The president has yet to appear on CNN, MSNBC or CNBC because the “tough guy” president is too afraid to enter a war zone – he is a known draft dodger.  Instead, he opts to trash real news networks as an excuse to avoid facing reality.

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